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Rootines provides solutions for pediatric complex chronic conditions.


Where can I find Rootines?
The Rootines application is available on iOS and Android. The Rootines Web portal for is used by Clinicians and can be accessed by our customers by clicking on the ‘login’ button right here on our website.

Who can use Rootines?
Anyone! Whether you are self-tracking, tracking a child or a patient, Rootines is for everyone. We have built our ecosystem primarily for commercial use but we welcome all users!

How much does Rootines cost?
Are you an individual user? Then it’s free! For enterprise partners like Hospitals, and therapy offices (including Applied Behavioral Analysis ABA), we offer a web portal and data feed that enable a constant stream of information to help you improve appointment efficiency and enhance outcomes. Contact us today at to learn more or set up a demo!

What is Rootines for?
Our first product supports the Autism community and as a company, we’ve been focused on pediatric behavioral health and developmental disorders. However, our solution is flexible and can be used for most any hospital department or diagnosis. From ADHD, Bi-polar Disorder to Cerebral Palsy, Rootines can help support better patient engagement.  
Does Rootines Integrate with the EMR/EHR?
Whether Rootines is pulling information such as medical number or pushing information collected into the EMR/EHR for consumption by staff, integration is available.   

What if I have feedback?
We build for you! We are always looking for input on what’s working and more importantly, what’s not. If you have suggestions for us, please email us here, through our socials or through the app. We are always listening!
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