Connecting care through patient engagement

Rootines provides solutions for pediatric complex chronic conditions.
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A digital notebook
built for neurodiversity

Ditch the pen and paper. There's a new app in town.
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Effortlessly record daily routines

Diet, meltdowns, and more — everything you want to track in one spot.
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Unique insight for the neurodiverse

Using your data, we help you spot trends and be proactive. With stats, charts, and correlations, you have powerful insight.
Celebrate the daily wins
Healthcare can be fun! We make the health tracking process enjoyable allowing you to see and celebrate daily wins.
Built for people
who care
Our solution helps track the well-being of an individual with autism. Using historical data, we crunch that information and help you spot trends and be proactive. The Rootines app is an innovative tool to help provide better outcomes.
People are talking

Rootines allows me a fast way to log dietary needs, moods, and sleep patterns for my son with autism, helping me see progress. All this in one place is invaluable when discussing changes with his care team.

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This app is one of the simplest ways I have found to consistently record and track information about my child.

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Rootines replaced my pen and paper notebook and is now my digital memory.

Dad who uses Rootines app


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